Game of Thrones S7 takes Twitter by Storm

GoT S7 Twitter activity is snow joke

The much anticipated seventh season of Game of Thrones (GoT) premiered on HBO on 16 July 2017 and the excitement surrounding the hit series could not be missed. Kantar Twitter TV Ratings tracked over 4.4m tweets worldwide, spanning across 3 days from the day of the launch.

Leading the social buzz by country was the US, with close to 1m tweets alone, followed by significant social chatter in Brazil, the U.K, Spain and of course, ample social conversations from all over the world.

Admiration and expectation were highlighted as the top two most frequent emotions felt by fans over the course of the three days, which was a consistent pattern across all of the top ranked countries.

Fans reacted to Ed Sheeran’s cameo with amusement, as laughter was reported as the second most frequent sentiment whilst the season premiere aired. His appearance in the episode sparked a great deal of conversation during broadcast, with #edsheeran ranking in the top 15 hashtags relating to GoT.

Leading the top three most tweeted hashtags was #gameofthrones with 25.6%, followed by #gots7 with 24.4% and finally #winterishere generated 12.3% of the tweets. Men claimed the majority of the GoT social chatter with 54.4% as opposed to 45.6% by Females.

The second episode of GoT aired a week later on the 23 July with 847,359 tweets worldwide on the day of the launch. The US and Brazil once again took first and second place with the highest engagement on Twitter but Spain overtook the UK, taking the third spot of the top three countries with the greatest number of tweets relating to the hit series.

The tweet by @GameOfThrones: “Tonight. “Stormborn” premieres tonight at 9PM on @HBO.” generated the largest number of retweets by a long way. In terms of the top three twitter hashtags, it was a similar story to the premiere episode with #gameofthrones claiming 41.1%, followed by #gots7 with 19.1%; however #got took the final spot in the top three with 4.4% of the tweets.

Although the premiere episode appeared to spark feelings of admiration and expectation, the second episode also triggered admiration (tracked in 5.6% of the tweets) but also a great deal of criticism (reported in 3.2% of the tweets).

Whilst fans eagerly wait in anticipation for the subsequent episodes to be released, it is evident that although #winterishere, GoT social chatter will continue to heat up.