Global Financial Behaviour: Credit Card Selection

The factor important to the highest proportion of adults in the US and many of the key European markets when choosing a credit card is the same: no annual fee. However, the factor important to the next highest proportion of consumers varies.
In both Germany and Spain, the credit card brand being widely accepted is at number two on the list. Not so in Britain or the US, where the second greatest consideration is the interest rate.

In Britain and the US, with credit card ownership and frequency of usage so commonplace, it is understandable that fundamentally cost-related factors rank so high. In addition, there may be more of an expectation in these countries that most of the major cards are accepted almost everywhere today, which may not be the case so much in other markets, perhaps particularly in developing markets. In Brazil, for example, being widely accepted is easily the most important consideration when choosing a credit card, followed by the fees

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