Guess which winter holiday ad just turned 10?

Every once in a while, an advertisement comes along that can stand the test of time. M&M's has found the winning formula for just that in a Christmas ad that has been resonating with consumers every holiday season for a decade.

The creative features the now infamous talking M&M's, Red and Yellow, who are shown sneaking into the living room at night to leave Santa a bowl of M&M’s. When they stumble upon the man himself, Red turns around in fright as he and Santa are both shocked to see that that the other exists and they pass out simultaneously.

Sound familiar? You've probably seen it. This commercial first debuted on November 27th, 2006 during an episode of Saved By the Bell on TBS and has become a permanent fixture on television during the holidays, airing every year thereafter. So far during the 2016 holiday season, M&Ms has spent $860,000 placing this ad on national and local television.

This year M&M's has also been running a slightly tweaked version of the ad in addition to the decade-old standby. In the original creative, text at the end of the ad states "Happy Holidays. Always Fun." This year's new version has been updated to read "Holidays are better with M&M's." The new version of the creative has had $1.7 million of expenditures this holiday season to date.

Time will tell how long this ad will continue to live on and if we will see new variations in the future. In the meantime, enjoy this classic holiday spot:


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