25 Days of Data - Day 9

In 2017, Kantar Media broke down advertising spend for new national TV creatives on a weekly basis. A week in July saw automotive advertisers drop nearly $5M on creative advertising with Ford & Audi battling it out to promoting their summer sales events, trying to move cars off the lot in anticipation of 2018 models being released in the coming months.

Ford’s campaign advertised different car models using the tagline “take on summer right with Ford, America’s best-selling brand.” A small portion (4%) of new creative expenditures from Ford championed Fordcares.com, a foundation supporting several breast cancer charities.

Audi used its total new creative budget to promote the Summer of Audi sales event. In the commercials, people are shown in cold weather conditions, when a fleet of Audi vehicles show up and along with them, the sun. The ads feature the tagline “progress is seizing the moment, your summer moment awaits.”

Though Ford spent slightly more than Audi, the latter had more national placements across more programs – Audi: 354 placements across 239 programs vs. Ford: 312 placements across 100 programs.

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