Inside Media Programme Series

Our Inside Media programme series is a selection of short episodes, taking a fresh look at the latest trends and challenges in the media research space.

This first episode considers the redefinition of TV, diving into the meanings of core TV and extended TV. Stay tuned for future episodes tackling issues such as programmatic and cross-media measurement. 


In our second episode, Tom and Jessie discuss the ingredients required to deliver a hybrid approach to measurement. Two of the topics they discuss are our award winning work with SKO in the Netherlands to deliver daily online ratings, and our renowned data science team. For more information on our hybrid approaches to measurement, click here


This third episode of Inside Media tackles cross-media measurement. We hear a lot about the need to gain a total view of consumer media usage, but what does this actually mean? And how can you go about getting it?


In the fourth episode of Inside Media, Tom and Jessie take on Programmatic. Watch the video to hear them discuss what Programmatic actually is, and the importance of accurate data to make it work, with a helpful metaphor about the stock exchange


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