25 Days of Data - Day 10

Kantar Media took a peek at the five big social channels in the US, and the $117.9 million they spent last year on marketing. Two of them stood well above the rest in expenditures and success. And it's no surprise that Facebook is well on its way to huge conglomerate status. Meanwhile, LinkedIn came in second, thanks to a status injection of its own when it was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. 

Social Media Ad Spend
The figures show that Facebook’s recent climb, coincides with its massive escalation in advertising. Zuckerberg more than tripled such expenditures (up to $80 million) from 2015 to 2016. Over that same period, LinkedIn registered a massive 5-fold increase in advertising expenditures (up to $22 million).

Conversely, Twitter slashed its advertising budget by two-thirds for 2016. The social giant abandoned its television presence in favor of its stable (and cheaper) digital home turf.

Snapchat and Pinterest both ended the year with an uptick in spending. But they remained well below the budget levels of the leaders.

Chart appears in "How Social Titans Market to win" 

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