Kantar Media secure contract renewal in Slovakia

Audience consumption habits are continually changing and so must the tools to measure them. As a result of Kantar Media's continual enhancement of its measurement services, we have won another national renewal in Slovakia.

After a comprehensive tender process, PMT, the joint industry committee for television audience measurement in Slovakia, renewed the TNS SK TAM contract in early 2009. TNS SK, part of the Kantar Media network, has operated the country's TAM currency for five years, since 2004.

Slovak TV is fast evolving and the renewed service went live on February 1, 2010 with significant enhancements. The panel was increased by 50%: 1,200 households reported (3,600 individuals) compared to the 800 households reported (approximately 2,400 individuals) previously.

When increasing the household panel, TNS SK deployed Enhanced Audio Matching technology. This technology will gradually replace the DFM technology. (Currently, the ratio of AM and DFM homes is 780/420). The shift enables TNS SK to measure all forms of digital distribution of TV signal directly to the end user, in addition to analogue signal. As a result, TNS SK will be fully ready for the analogue switch off in Slovakia planned for 31 December, 2012.

The number of TV channels monitored in TNS SK reference sites has almost doubled. As of December 2009 there were 100 channels up from 48 channels when the original contract was won. A further 20 regional channels will be added soon for monitoring and reporting.

Slovak clients already familiar with Kantar Media data reporting and delivery software, Infosys, will soon benefit from its latest enhanced version: Infosys+ (see past editions of Audience Matters). There is also the exciting application, Picture TV. This enables Infosys' users to view the footage and the ratings of a programme at the same time. Other new features will be introduced soon.

Another trend in TV consumption, which Kantar Media already measures in many countries, is the time-shift. With over 120 national and regional television channels, the Slovak national currency is no exception! As services such as Magio or STB devices with their own hard drive are introduced, these numbers are set to grow.

The next big shift in consumption, TV Audience through the Internet, both streaming and TV archive, will soon be measured in Slovakia. TNS SK will be introducing the new VirtualMeter technology developed and tested by our dedicated Central Team in London.

This article was first published in Audiences Matter, May 2010

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