New insights into Chinese two-screen measurement

Two screen measurement in China: CSM's Triple Play Preparation

CSM's single source, two screen measurement (TV & Internet) took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan. The results are driving new insights into household media usage patterns in China.

This is China's first multi-market single source two-screen initiative. So it marks the first time data from both media can be compared side-by-side. Both China's TV and internet markets are measured from the single source. The data sets therefore provide invaluable information to both our traditional and new media partners. Helping them focus on taking advantage of opportunities across both media platforms.

The two data sets showed that the average monthly reach for TV across the four markets was 99.8% of all households. Internet usage in the single source households reached 89.1%. Average daily reach for TV was 94% while the internet reached 30.7% of households in the four cities. These reach perspectives are critical for gauging how to best take advantage of both platforms. They provide us with a much clearer understanding of the unique value of both media platforms.

TV holds off its challengers

The behavioural data sets also show us that households spend significantly more time watching TV than browsing the web. On average, TV viewing clocks in at over 410 minutes per household per day. Internet usage only musters 70 minutes per day. While internet usage outside the house is undoubtedly higher, in the home, the TV remains the dominant household medium.

Our analysis is also looking closely at light, medium and heavy usage internet households to see what effect internet usage may have in different types of home. We observed that instead of exhibiting lower TV viewing levels as you might expect, heavy internet using households are also heavy TV viewing households. It seems some homes just love technology. We will continue to dig deeper into these results and hope over time to identify total media usage household types.

A common interest

There is strong support for this initiative among the country's TV media owners, internet media owners, advertisers and media agencies. They are all interested in seeing the usage patterns our studies uncover. The data is helping them make more informed and effective programming and content decisions in China's rapidly emerging triple play world. The results are already a critical asset for players stepping into unfamiliar territory.

From an advertising perspective, the linked data sets provide tremendous depth for cross media planning. This isn't only for advertisers and media agencies. It's also for media owners as they look to break into new and potential growth areas. We're helping them identify ways to get as much value as possible from their content.

Matt Brosenne is Business Development Director, CSM Media Research. He is based in Beijing. CSM is part of the Kantar Media Network.

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