New research shows broadcasters and brands should be engaging with social TV audiences across genres

The latest study from Kantar Media uses Kantar Twitter TV Ratings data from the UK and Spain to analyse sentiment within Twitter activity relating to various TV programme genres. Despite a misconception that the majority of Social TV activity is driven by the Entertainment genre such as reality TV programmes and game shows, this research shows that audiences are sharing their views and opinions on Twitter across a variety of genres including current affairs, drama and documentaries. 

We analysed a total of 14,800 broadcasts from both markets, spanning 15 genres in the UK and 7 in Spain, across a 6 month period beginning 1 October 2015. Positive sentiment greatly outweighed negative sentiment across the total broadcasts in both markets, as 77% of the broadcasts showed positive sentiment higher than negative in the UK, and 89% in Spain.

The top three genres that generated the most engagement in the UK were Entertainment, Current Affairs and Drama, followed by Documentaries and Films. When comparing the sentiment across these top three genres, we can see that Drama received the highest amount of positive sentiment, and least amount of negative sentiment showing that viewers are emotionally and positively engaged with this genre. Looking at a specific programme within the Drama genre, American zombie series The Walking Dead, we can see that positive sentiment was higher than negative in 14 of the 16 broadcasts aired during the period of analysis. 

Similarly, when looking at the research from Spain, the top three genres that generated the most Social TV activity were again Entertainment, Current Affairs and Drama – where Drama again received the highest amount of positive sentiment and the lowest amount of negative sentiment. Taking a closer look at this genre, we can see that 92% of Tweets equate to the subgenres Series and Feature Films.  Spanish fantasy series El Ministerio Del Tiempo was the most Tweeted about programme within this genre, and all broadcasts received more positive sentiment over negative.

This research demonstrates that Social TV authors are engaged with the TV content they are consuming in a highly positive way. It highlights the need for broadcasters to engage with audiences on social media across different genres, in order to help retain attention and potentially also increase viewers. Additionally, it poses a good opportunity for brands to target audiences with cross-platform campaigns during broadcasts across a variety of genres, rather than focussing on Entertainment or Live programming.

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