On the move: BBC Television Centre

This renowned building opened its doors on 29 June 1960 as the BBC's first purpose-built centre for television production.

Since then its studios have played host to some of the UK's most famous programmes - including

Fawlty Towers, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Blue Peter, Strictly Come Dancing and early Doctor Who episodes.

Many of these programmes are still enjoyed beyond the UK: Monty Python is particularly successful in the United States, while Strictly Come Dancing has been licensed to 40 countries and has a worldwide audience of 250 million.

BARB has been the official source of television viewing figures in the UK since 1981. According to BARB data, the Television Centre produced some of the highest audience figures in television history (see graph below).

BBC Centre News Bulletins








As home of BBC News for almost 45 years, the studios have also informed the UK and further afield of key events including John F Kennedy's assassination, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and, more recently, the London 2012 Olympics.

The chart below looks at some of the highest performing programmes filmed at the Television Centre.

Highest Performing programmes filmed BBC 2








The site of the former Television Centre has now been sold and will be redeveloped into a hotel, flats, a cinema and office space. The three main television studios will be refitted and leased out to production companies, including the BBC , from 2014. It will also house the BBC 's commercial arm, BBC Worldwide.

This move should have little effect on television audience measurement: in order to remain fully transparent to the license fee payers, the BBC Trust has pledged to publish quarterly updates on key performance indicators. We look forward to watching the BBC evolve in its new home over the next 50 years.

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