Over the last decade, Slovakia spent nearly a year and a half watching television

It's been ten years since television audience measurement was launched in Slovakia. Among others points, we’ve discovered that women watch TV more than men, and also that news was the most watched program.

Over the ten years, an individual spent almost 529 days by watching TV, 3.5 hours on average daily. During this time, one could watch or play 8,464 football matches, or Slovak automotive factories could produce about 1.5 million cars.

It is still true that in Slovakia television is watched most at Christmas time. From the top 20 days achieving the highest audience share after 2004, as many as 19 days fall within the period from December 24 to January 1, while 25 December 2012 received altogether the highest audience share. These are two findings resulting from ten-years of television audience measurement.

“Television broadcasting is an important part of households’ lives. Therefore, it is good to know as much as possible how it is perceived by people. Based on our measurements, TV broadcasters as well as advertisers are able to better respond to people’s interests. In this way, they are able to assess what should be added to or omitted from the television program structure”, says Ivan Šimek, Managing Director of TNS Slovakia, part of the Kantar Media network and the agency performing the measurement.

In 2004, the measurements started with the minimum of 800 households, and by 2010, this number was increased to the minimum of 1,200 households. Over the ten years of measurement, PeopleMeters were installed in 3,480 households in total, covering 12,678 individuals.

A selection of interesting facts revealed by this measurement can be found in the below infographic. 

More information on TNS Slovakia, part of the Kantar Media network, can be found at: http://www.tns-global.sk


TNS Slovakia Infographic

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