Pay TV's Future in Brazil: facts and figures

Even in full economic crisis in Brazil, the Pay TV market has reason to celebrate. We operated a survey across 15 metropolitan areas in Brazil including Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and found an increase in both subscribers to Pay TV as well as the premium features offered. The findings were delivered at an event hosted by the Brazilian Association of Pay TV (ABTA).

Pay TV is more popular than ever in Brazil

The number of households subscribing to pay TV in Brazil is growing, according to our research. In 2010, 18% of households included in our survey had access to cable channels. In 2015, this percentage jumped to 47%. In the same period, our advertising research shows that the share of the advertising investment in Pay TV grew by 39%.

Source: Kantar IBOPE Media – estimates, socio-economic survey 2016 in 15 metropolitan areas and Advertising Intelligence of 2010 and 2015

Pay TV Lovers

Our research also reveals that 54% of Pay TV subscribers are passionate about this media. These viewers declared "I like to have access to many channels", "I think a lot about television", "I rely on TV to learn" and consider television their "main source of entertainment". This shows that over half of the subscribers have an above average affinity with pay TV programming.

Source: Kantar IBOPE Media, Target Group Ratings, 15 metropolitan areas, people with PayTV, Jan/15 to Apr/16.

Even more premium

Of the 16,285,000 households in Brazil that have Pay TV, the percentage of subscribers to premium cable TV services (channels and/or additional features outside of the standard package) is already 29.5%. This figure was 19.1% in 2011, representing an increase of 54% over 5 years.

Source: Kantar IBOPE Media, Target Group Index Brazil: Y12w2 + Y13w1 (Feb11-Feb12) and Y16w2 + Y17w1 (Feb15-Jan16)

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