Kantar Media in the News - Rio 2016 Olympics coverage making global impact

Kantar Media in the News - PR coverage from M&M Global

The Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony was the most tweeted-about broadcast in the UK, Spain, Brazil and Turkey according to Kantar Twitter TV Ratings, with a greater percentage of positive tweets than negative in all markets.

Despite US viewers taking to social media during the ceremony to express their frustration at the number of commercials being screened, ad volume actually was down almost 19% on the previous event in 2012 in London, with 54 ad spots adding up to 33 minutes and 45 seconds.

Most tweeters were male, except in the Philippines, where women outnumbered men by 7%. The most common emotions were admiration, expectation and anticipation, with joy ranking high in the Philippines and Brazil and criticism in the UK and Turkey.

“The Olympics offers brands a unique chance to reach a truly global audience, but only if they take a holistic approach to how they plan and measure campaigns,” said Kantar Media chairman and chief executive Andy Brown.
“As the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings show, broadcast events do not exist in silo, but have a symbiotic relationship with other platforms, especially social media. It’s critical that brands and broadcasters understand what consumers are saying about a programme, campaign or content on social, or they are missing a huge part of its impact.

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