Scaling New Heights

Kantar Media has been selected to provide the first ever national television audience measurement (TAM) meter service to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) media industry. The five year contract will provide access to television audience data across all seven emirates using the 5000 series PeopleMeter which will be deployed in a national panel of 800 homes. Enhanced Audio Matching will be the technology used to identify the channels along with our world leading analysis software InfoSys+ which the industry will use to help them with their business decisions and to provide insight into the viewing habits of the vast population.

This is the first time a country in the Middle East-North Africa (MENA) region has commissioned an industry sponsored television measurement service, a region of 24 countries and around 300 million people. It's probably the only region in the world where the audience possess such a homogenous socio-cultural heritage, bonded by common language and religion. (See chart) With the increasing proliferation of media and an estimated annual TV adspend approaching $4.5 billion it is a growing market.

Kantar Media's historic deal to provide TAM services to the UAE is a sign of the times, an opportunity to move the media industry towards excellence in audience measurement. The Emirates Media Measurement Company is being formed to oversee the implementation and become industry operators of the UAE TAM project. It will include the following eminent stakeholders: National Media Council, Abu Dhabi Media Company, Dubai Media Incorporated, Sharajah Media Corporation, Etisalat and du[1]. The data they oversee will revolutionise the way broadcasters and advertisers make their decisions.

How the contract was won

Predictably for such a key untapped market, there was fierce competition for the contract. Kantar Media began preparing for the bid three years before the tender process started in August 2010. By proactively engaging with the industry Kantar Media were able to build strong relationships based on the ethics of operating with transparency and to the highest professional standards at all times. Trust and our sincere relationship of always wanting to put the client first were key, coupled with our proven track record for delivering 'national currency' projects on time, this was underpinned by our world class expertise and our people, which we believed helped towards sealing the deal.

First contract as Kantar Media

World class credibility and an ability to build trust are needed to deal in the Middle East. By being awarded this landmark contract Kantar Media have proven they have both of these attributes. Tellingly, this was the first contract awarded to the company under the brand name of Kantar Media.








[1] Du will be represented on the Emirates Media Measurement Company by Etisalat

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