Surprise Trump Victory Commands UK Twitter Conversation

In one of the most tumultuous outcomes in US political history, Republican candidate Donald Trump stormed to victory in the US presidential election last night – and UK Tweeters certainly had a lot to say on the matter. In our 24/7 tracking for the whole of Tuesday, UK Tweeters sent over 1.05 million Tweets about the nail-biting election night, which created 312.4M Impressions on Twitter.

The political proceedings were certainly at the forefront of Tweeters’ minds, with the US Election tracking stealing an 80.7 % share of all 24/7 Social TV interaction for the whole of Tuesday. Tweeters had a steady stream of commentary to accompany the night’s events, with Tweeters sending an average of 734 UK Tweets every minute, with each Tweet creating an average of nearly 300 Impressions!

Unsurprisingly, the most-mentioned word in our Tag Cloud for Tuesday’s 24/7 period was “Trump”, with over 399,000 mentions. “Clinton” and “Hilary” were fifth and sixth most-mentioned respectively, with 131,172 mentions and 91,374. 

The two presidential candidates’ official Twitter handles were also the top most-mentioned handles during our tracking: Trump’s was top with over 30,011 interactions, and Hillary’s second with 16,828.

The peak moment of UK Twitter activity occurred just before 5:00am GMT (00:00 EST) shortly after the state of Georgia was called for Trump, meaning the Republican presidential hopeful required just 16 more Electoral College votes to surpass the 270 required to secure the White House. This single minute saw a peak of 2,491 Tweets sent by UK Tweeters in 60 seconds.

Male UK Tweeters were more vocal on Twitter as the historic night unfurled, with 59.4% of UK Tweets originating from men, and 40.6% from women. However, we often see an even more pronounced male gender-split in Social TV interaction around political programming (for shows such as BBC Question Time and Newsnight), suggesting female political Tweeters may have actually been more engaged on this particular night.

With Social Media still reeling from yet another shock political result that none of the pollsters predicted, Donald Trump’s victory is sure to remain high on the agenda for UK Tweeters over the coming days.

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