The essential guide to media monitoring for communications professionals

media monitoringAs we already said as early as two years ago in our Media Monitoring Tipsheet, media monitoring is more than just clip counts. It can be a crucial consideration for any business-building strategy – no matter what size, shape or industry. 

But for the past two years, both the media landscape and media monitoring have changed significantly. Newsrooms often produce multiple editions on a daily or even hourly basis. News can now go viral on social media in seconds. Feeling overwhelmed by the deluge of media in your day-to-day activities is easy, while avoiding or overcoming brand crisis becomes a challenging affair.

Communications professionals can now apply media monitoring data in many different ways to improve their performance. For example, they can track and analyse their media reputation more easily; identify the potential scope of an issue very quickly and possibly contain it; understand the value of their efforts in PR, digital communications, or content marketing; identify cultural nuances across markets or benchmark against competitors; gather insights about their customers, prospects and products with social listening... Media monitoring represents an incredible opportunity which is at once obvious but also more complex.

Are you struggling to succeed at media monitoring and analysis? Don’t be afraid! Media monitoring data doesn’t have to be scary. To help you, we have updated the Media Monitoring Tipsheet and gathered our top tips on how to ease your workload and make the most of your monitoring. Keep up!

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