Setting up a TV measurement service requires serious investment because it must be able to perform in the long term and anticipate developments in TV and video delivery.

We’ve perfected metering techniques that look to the future, for instance our audio-matching and audio watermarking techniques used to identify the content being viewed.

Kantar Media has been at the forefront of measurement technology for more than 30 years.

1984 - we developed the first PeopleMeters.

2000 - modular metering made available for PeopleMeter

2015  – Launched measurement of on-demand and livestream viewing through online TV players

Award Winning technology

We’re determined to stay at the cutting edge. In recent years we’ve created the RapidMeter. Using our enhanced audio matching content detection technique this technology is already deployed in eight markets.

Meanwhile our award winning VirtualMeter, which launched in 2011, measures viewing of online video content in TV meter panel homes to enable measurement of TV and video content across devices.

Read more about our best in class metering technology.

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