In the world of online video every second counts, so being able to measure viewing at a second-by-second level is essential.

Meanwhile online advertising is often targeted and increasingly independent of content. To allow the full impact of advertising to be evaluated, measurement from large samples is important, alongside high-quality panels to deliver demographics to evaluate the effectiveness of targeting.

Consistent data collection

The data collection approach used should be consistent across both panel and census measurement. This makes the measurement system easy for broadcasters to deploy and enables possible fusions between the two datasets.

To measure streaming effectively, a collaborative approach is essential, using a system trusted by broadcaster players and VOD services.

Kantar Media’s approach involves the application of a ‘library’ code within the player that facilitates both panel and census measurement. Through our strategic alliance with internet measurement leaders comScore and their technology and infrastructure we’re able to work together to accelerate measurement of TV and video content online.

Read more about our strategic alliance with comScore.

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