A measurement service can have the best metering in the world, reporting incredibly accurate data on the panel’s viewing behaviour, but that means nothing if the panel doesn’t reflect the wider population it’s trying to measure. A panel built on an unrepresentative sample is worthless.

Active panel management

Kantar Media prides itself in ensuring TV panels are a complete and accurate representation of the population.

Our experience in Establishment Surveys provide vital panel balance and weighting data.  When we recruit we aim to have the best possible response rates to minimise bias, and we ensure careful attention is given to all key demographic groups.

Panel turnover must be kept to a minimum because high churn can damage the representative nature of the panel, as well as impairing the ability to look at long term viewing trends.

We recognise that active panel management ensures high quality and representative data. It’s essential panel members feel valued and recognise the contribution they’re making to deliver a representative, accurate TV measurement service.

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