Accurate audience measurement provides insights into viewing behaviour that can be enhanced with additional data sets. There are a growing number of interesting applications for measurement data that take us beyond the core measurement remit.

Buy & Why

Fusing viewing data with purchasing behaviour helps us gain a real understanding of what makes consumers tick, discover the buzz around brands, programmes, products and people and obtain critical data about Return on Investment.

Kantar Media led the way in the convergence of viewing data with consumer data working with collegues in Kantar Worldpanel as well as customer databases and purchasing data.

“[Our measurement service] can be combined with Kantar consumer research to target specific brand and product users for more effective marketing.”

Henry Tan, COO Astro, Malaysia

Social TV & Second Screen applications

Meanwhile audience engagement measured through social TV buzz and second screen activity can enable greater audience targeting, to further understand and enhance viewing data. Services like Kantar Twitter TV Ratings and SyncNow offer the opportunity to provide a wider context and understanding of viewing behaviour.

Learn more about the features and benefits of SyncNow.

See our weekly leaderboard for the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings.

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