The next frontier in cross media measurement

Reflections on i-com and our joint Executive Briefing with comScore. 

One year ago at i-com, Kantar Media and comScore unveiled the first outcome of our strategic alliance to provide world class cross-media audience and campaign measurement capabilities to markets around the world. The industry expressed significant interest in the partnership and our executive briefing allowed us to share our roadmap, which identified Spain as the pilot market, and create a vision of what is possible when you bring together the leading experts on TV and internet audience measurement. 

This year, we shared the i-com stage once again to show progress of our joint efforts in campaign measurement and ground breaking developments in the next frontier of cross media measurement, which include methodologies that are responsive to market needs and can use the scale and granular insights that are achievable.

Manish Bhatia, Chief Product Officer for comScore, kicked off the briefing with an overview of comScore’s partnership with our sister brand, Millward Brown that is designed to give brands a comprehensive view of digital effectiveness from delivery through to impact. The combined solutions help marketers determine the full value of a validated impression across all digital platforms.

Next, Andy Brown our CEO and Chairman showcased our partnership in practice including the world’s first Total View service in the Netherlands, which measures online TV and Video alongside all other forms of TV. We also shared our pilot work in the Czech Republic, which delivered a consistent GRP metric across extended TV, and demonstrated progress in Spain on programme and campaign reporting. We concluded the executive briefing by looking at the road ahead from the technologies we are bringing together to the opportunities our joint capabilities represent. 


Collectively, our shared aim is to create a new model for cross-platform measurement, providing clients with actionable data and information that is unique in its granularity and precision. 

The industry is hungry for a new way to measure and maximise content and advertising in a world of changing consumer behaviours.  There is great potential ahead for marketers to truly see and understand the total view of media consumption in markets around the world.  It requires enormous scale, powerful precision and accurate metrics to create trust in an evolving and complex environment and we are proud to be on the forefront of these developments.

There is still much progress to be made, but we are eager to innovate fast and move the industry forward together with comScore.

To learn more about the comScore Kantar alliance, click here.  To learn more about i-com 2016, you can view all sessions on YouTube and download all presentations on the i-com site.  

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