There is now more data available than ever before in Instar Social

We’re pleased to announce three recent enhancements to our Twitter TV Ratings service, providing more data for even greater planning and targeting. 

We’re now tracking Twitter conversations about TV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

We’ve expanded to a 24/7 model of Twitter TV monitoring in all of our live markets, currently; the UK, Spain, Brazil, Turkey and the Philippines with more markets set to launch in the coming months. This new tracking model of Twitter TV conversation provides: 

  • The opportunity to explore the conversations happening around TV shows all day, every day 
  • Insight into the buzz leading up to a show’s launch 
  • Any Tweeting activity around time-shifted and on-demand viewing 
  • Insight into how long people continue to Tweet about a programme once it’s finished 

Age band demographic data now available

We are also pleased to provide a new addition to the demographic data available for Unique Authors. Age band data (calculated using Twitter’s own unique algorithm) can now be found alongside the existing gender-split breakdowns, region and location data, and interest categories data in Instar Social. 

Tracking of subscriber services

We are excited to announce the tracking of content within Amazon Prime and Netflix services in the UK is now included within Instar Social. Twitter TV data for high profile international programing such as Stranger Things, Once Upon a Time, and Mr Robot commenced in mid-August 2016 and is now available.

This service is due to launch in additional markets in the coming months.

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