The Rising Popularity of Chinese Vloggers Living Outside China

Kantar’s TrendWatch report delivers the latest social media innovations in China. Our recent report features the rise of Chinese vloggers who live outside of the country - or ‘Overseas Vloggers’  - and the opportunity for brands to leverage these influencers in their marketing. 


In China, key opinion leaders (KOLs) in beauty are not the only ones commanding millions of viewers anymore.  Chinese audiences are also increasingly turning to and watching overseas vloggers who are living outside China, and record their international and exciting lifestyles in video posts hosted on various social platforms.


Our recent TrendWatch report profiles three well-known overseas vloggers, each of which are either studying or working outside of China, with a significant presence across major Chinese platforms. 


Top-tier vloggers such as Hello Bamboo command a Weibo following of over 2 million. This is undoubtedly a major opportunity for brands to collaborate and associate with these influential personalities.  


Vlogger content mainly revolves around beauty, makeup, fashion and city life. Audiences are drawn to their videos as it is refreshingly different from that of the local KOLs, and they also offer a window into a carefree and exciting lifestyle that the viewers aspire to.


Our report breaks down the viewership of these vlogs, as well as the four main ways these vloggers are monetised, including examples of successful brand collaborations. For brands to fully harness this opportunity, it’s vital that they understand the unique style and appeal of each vlogger. Creating a natural link between brand and vlogger, will result in a more authentic audience and consumer experience. 


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