Tweeters around the world react to the 2018 John Lewis Christmas Ad

For many on Twitter, the Christmas season doesn’t kick off until the annual John Lewis advert launches in November. This year we looked at how Tweeters around the world reacted to ‘Elton John Lewis’ across yesterday, as the piano themed ad had users reaching for their own keyboards.

Of the 77.0K global Unique Authors who responded to the ad on Twitter over the day, 1.4K had verified accounts. However, the majority of users penned their own original Tweets, or shared non-verified content this year, as over half of all Twitter engagement stemmed from ReTweets from non-verified account posts. That being said, a lot of engagement came from actual shares of the video itself, and 29.5% of all Tweets about the John Lewis campaign contained a video, with 7.4% including a link.

In the two hours after the advert was released on Social, we monitored 16.5K posts, 53% of which came from the UK, followed by 3.4% from the US and 2.2% from Ireland. From 21:00 – 22:00 UK time, when the televised ad aired, there was a bump in global conversations, with 6.9K tweets posted. Actor Rob Lowe posted the most Liked and ReTweeted post during this time slot, which generated 660.1K Impressions. Looking across the whole day, it was Lidl’s witty response to the price of pianos that was the most ReTweeted post, and received 11.4K Likes.

The departure from the normal character-based story line really divided Twitter this year, but many people loved the focus on Elton John, as we saw 20.5% of all activity posted solely expressing ‘Admiration’. The official #EltonJohnLewis was the most used hashtag, appearing in 11.4% of all activity, and @JLandPartners and @EltonOfficial were by far the most directly tagged accounts.

An interesting skew of activity emerged, as news broke about dramatic changes to Theresa May’s cabinet alongside the release of the campaign in the UK. Because of this, ‘Theresa’ appeared fairly high in our Tag Cloud as she was mentioned in 2.5K Tweets with viewers penning their own, Brexit themed John Lewis adverts.

Keep an eye on our Social Buzz to see how chatter around the advert changes across the week

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