Who's Tweeting about TV in the UK?

Audience engagement with TV programmes via social media is ever increasing. In order to understanding this interactive social TV experience, who the audience are and the impact that social TV is having on our viewing habits, we launched the Kantar Twitter TV Ratings in the UK in October, and in Spain in December last year.  

Analysis of this data from the UK over a five month period (13 October 2014 to 15 February 2015) reveals insight into who’s Tweeting about TV in the UK and why, looking at the moments within programmes that instigate the most activity. With 43.5k broadcasts tracked, we can see that an impressive 40.5 million Tweets were sent about TV over this period, and a mammoth 9 billion impressions made.

Analysing further we can see that Sport programmes are receiving the highest proportion of those Tweets, with the unique authors skewing 88% male.  

Entertainment programmes follow a close second, with women Tweeting the majority here at 60.7%. This genre also fills the three highest rated programme spots, with the MTV European Music Awards coming in at number one. It’s important to note the impact that ‘The Best Push Act’ award had here: the top hashtag by far (78.7%) was #VOTE5SOS where fans of the band 5 Seconds of Summer sent an extremely high volume of Tweets for the band to win the award. This also accounts for the vast difference in impressions made for the show, compared to the other two top programmes.

In second place was the launch episode of I’m a Celebrity…get me out of here! with 650,000 Tweets sent, and 92.5 million impressions made. The gender split for this episode was almost exactly even, with 50.8% of Tweets originating from men and 49.2% from women. The arrival of Gemma Collins to the show drew the highest amount of activity, with 11,000 Tweets sent in the peak minute of the show.

In third place was the finale of The X-Factor, with a huge 2.6 million people viewing  Tweets about the show. The peak minute occurred when the winner of Series 11, Ben Haenow, was announced.

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