Understanding digital footprints

Using data gathered from its different areas of our expertise we created a synthetic, easy to understand digital footprint of two major automotive manufacturers.


Our challenge was to help major automotive manufacturers understand the competitive context for their digital strategies.

What we did

We analysed digital strategy for two automotive manufacturers Brand A and Brand B.  We mapped their key metrics to get a clear picture of their strategies.  These included:

  • Impressions volume
  • Traffic (visitors volume)
  • Qualified traffic (visitors with more than page view)
  • Traffic from emailing
  • Facebook fans (fan volume)
  • Facebook engagement (interaction)
  • SEO branded (clicks)
  • SEO unbranded and PPC (clicks)

Finally, we cross referenced this with the messages used in the creative in order to understand the different digital strategies. 


While Brand A and Brand B websites were drawing a similar number of visitors, Brand A’s positioning on digital channels showed that it was spending much more than Brand B to be visible.

Analysing the activity of both manufacturers across their digital acquisition channels showed:

  • From an SEO perspective, Brand B drew nine time more clicks than Brand A on unbranded generic keywords
  • With little visibility in organic results, Brand A strengthened its presence on PPC channel generating four times more clicks against his competitor
  • On Facebook while both manufacturers have the same number of fans, Brand B generated 50% more posts and their users engage at twice the rate of Brand A.

This research concluded that Brand A and Brand B were running different strategies on digital channels.

Brand B uses digital to capture customers who looking for an upscale car with an attractive price.

Brand A uses digital to reinforce its positioning as an ecological manufacturer and to attract consumers looking for spare parts.

In digital channels while the traffic is very close between both manufacturers, Brand A’s presence is underrepresented on earned media (SEO, Facebook) which is an area for it to build in the future.