TGI Audience Activation: Enhancing online campaign targeting

TGI Audience Activation bridges the gap between media planning and programmatic media buying based on real-world consumer targets.

It helps overcome challenges media agencies and brand owners face as programmatic advertising spending nears saturation.  With so much data available it is increasingly difficult to get the edge on competitors and to make an impact.

We make it possible to get that edge.  Using TGI Audience Activation, media agencies can take targets formed from their analysis of TGI Consumer Data and reach these same targets online.

Activate against real consumer targets

Media agencies use TGI Consumer Data to define their campaign strategy and identify which media best reaches their audience. TGI Audience Activation enables them to activate these targets through advertising programmatic platforms too.

There are two ways to use of TGI Audience Activation.

  • Pre-defined audiences: we have carefully selected hundreds of pre-defined audiences. These can be reached across a range of trusted, prominent data management platforms and demand side platforms.
  • Tailored audiences: Media Agencies can build their own specific audiences and make them available to target on these same platforms.

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