Advertising, monitoring & evaluation

We enable our clients to make informed decisions on media and marketing strategies by measuring advertising activities by spend, creative, channel and type of  media, both on and offline. We provide the media industry with the competitor intelligence to understand their share of voice, shape their campaigns, optimise planning and drive sales. Leading agencies, advertisers and media owners all use our data to create more effective plans, to enhance campaign performance and for alerts about what competitors are doing.

Ad Verification

Our ad verification tools allow advertisers and agencies to know where and when their ads are running and hence to make swift and informed decisions.

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Creative Monitoring

Understand how competitor brands are positioning themselves and what messages they are using to help hone creative messaging and strategies.

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Expenditure & Occurrence

We are the worldwide leader in advertising and expenditure monitoring. We track the largest range of media, across more than 20 traditional and digital channels, with the most comprehensive product categories and the most accurate rate information. This information provides a very clear picture of which brands have what share of voice. We track more than one million ads a day for more than four million brands each year.

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