Monitoring global television rights to build and protect brands

Rights holders can get a clear and detailed view of how their commercial agreements with broadcasters are being delivered in practice.

By monitoring the delivery of commercial rights agreements in areas such as broadcaster scheduling, programme branding and ambush marketing, we help ensure that all obligations are being carried out as they should be.

Global monitoring

Using a range of innovative monitoring techniques, including leading image recognition software, we can track compliance globally. 

Rights owners can really understand how sporting events and properties are being broadcast around the world.  We can help them ensure that broadcast times, content, presentation and other commercial elements are fulfilled. 

Beyond that, by obtaining evidence and full reports of any infringement in those rights, we can help clients protect and develop their brands and also improve their commercial revenues.

Brand protection

More broadly, we can help rights owners identify potential “ambush” marketing, by tracking which brands are actively sponsoring and advertising around any given sports event.

By analysing and understanding competitor activity, such how a sport is presented and the types of activation activities that others are using, we enable rights owners to carve out a clearer identity for their assets. 

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