Synchronised Content Technology

Our technology enables broadcasters, content owners and advertisers to deliver immersive complementary content to companion screens. It aligns mobile apps with TV broadcasts to directly engage the viewer.

SyncNow detects audio watermarks embedded in broadcast content. The watermark is decoded in real time by an app on a companion device even if the programme is being viewed in time shift, so that complementary content can be delivered accurately, increasing audience engagement. 


Engaging audiences

By making TV content more interactive, broadcasters can:

  • Engage audiences by offering accurate companion screen interaction. This can be particularly powerful for live programmes, such as sports, where the app can react to scores as they happen.
  • Reinforce the power of TV advertising by engaging users and segmented groups based on their viewing and consumption habits
  • Measure TV exposure and programme loyalty among companion screen users

For advertisers and agencies the benefits are just as powerful. They can use synchronised content technology to increase brand recall, awareness and ad effectiveness with high-impact dual-screen campaigns.

  • Deliver mobile inventory or synchronised ads in real time when a programme or ad is on air
  • Tailor campaign messages to the audience and connect the gap between TV, online and mobile usage to create powerful individual metrics for more accurate targeting
  • Measure campaign effectiveness and improve the path to purchase

New opportunities

TV or content producers can make their programming more engaging. They can accurately measure the engagement of an audience for any given programme or format. They can even open new opportunities to upsell their content, by enabling brands to deliver synchronised content around product placement between the app and the programme.

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