Monitor every media channel, for a fixed cost

Yellow News service from Kantar Media - Monitor every media channel

Today, organisations require a comprehensive view of what drives their coverage and profile.

Our NEW Yellow News service provides monitoring and analytics across every media channel, 24/7 and is designed specifically for clients with a fixed budget.

A single, fixed cost

Our Yellow News service offers complete budget certainty. We work with a range of organisations, including SMEs, charities, marketing and communications groups and NGOs.

Monitor every media channel

Print Monitoring

Print Media Monitoring

National newspapers, weekly and regional newspapers, business and consumer press.

Social Media Monitoring

Keep on top of your profile across every social channel - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and forums.

Broadcast monitoring

Broadcast Monitoring

24/7 TV and radio coverage, covering all UK national and regional TV and radio media, including commercial stations.

Online monitoring of news

Online Monitoring

Track online news and newswires.

Fully integrated media platform

  • Mainstream news and social content in a single timeline.  
  • Real-time analysis of the topics, themes and issues driving your coverage and profile.
  • Interactive dashboards for up-to-the minute understanding of your profile and the impact of your communications activity.
  • PR friendly tools and metrics for faster analysis and reporting. NEW Campaign Room feature to display your work to colleagues and stakeholders.
Media analysis by Yellow News from Kantar Media

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Sales Director, Yellow News

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