Breaking down the beer drinkers

Ireland is the home of Guinness, one of the most well-known and popular beers in the world. It’s International Beer Day and what better time to look at the other beers that adults in Ireland like to enjoy, besides Guinness… We use TGI Consumer Data to investigate.


We start first by looking at the lager drinkers in Ireland and our TGI Consumer Data shows that 37% of over 18-year olds in the Republic of Ireland have consumed lager in the last 12 months.

Looking at how lager drinkers consume their beer, 50% of adults (18+) who have enjoyed lager in the last 12 months have done so in draught form most often. Bottled lager is the second most preferred and only 31% drink from cans most often.

When we look at the types of beer that lager drinkers in Republic of Ireland consume, our TGI Consumer Data shows that standard lager is the clear favourite, chosen most often by 78% of this group. Light lager is still popular, whereas low alcohol/alcohol free beer is only drunk most often by 2% of lager drinkers.

Heineken is the most popular brand amongst lager drinkers in the Republic of Ireland, with 34% of lager drinkers aged 18+ choosing Heineken most often. Second place is closely contested by Budweiser and Carling, whilst the likes of Fosters and Tuborg are chosen most often by only 3% of lager drinkers.

 Ale & stout

Moving on to ale and stouts, our TGI Consumer Data reveals that 19% of over 18-year olds in the Republic of Ireland have drunk ale or stout in the last 12 months.

In terms of how ale and stout drinkers prefer to drink their beverages, 71% of this group choose to drink ale and stout via draught most often, 19% drink bottled ale most often and 17% canned.

Stout is by far the most popular type of beer for adults in Republic of Ireland who have drunk ale or stout in the last 12 months. 67% of this group drink stout most often.

Unsurprisingly, Guinness is by far the favourite brand amongst this group, with 64% of them naming the popular drink as the ale or stout they choose most often. Smithwicks comes in as second most popular, much further behind, at 18%.

Guinness is a firm favourite in Ireland amongst ale and stout drinkers, however there is still room for other beers to succeed. The likes of Heineken are very popular amongst lager drinkers with other brands also flourishing. Maybe International Beer Day will entice Irish adults to branch out and try something new.

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