Capturing the hearts of the long-term couples

In the Republic of Ireland, over a quarter (26%) of adults (almost 950,000 people) say they are in a long-term relationship of 20 years or more, whether that is married, in a civil partnership, or living as a couple. With Valentine’s Day upon us, we have taken a look at our TGI consumer data to delve deeper into who these long standing romantic couples are, what makes them different to the average adult and what makes them an attractive audience to many marketers.

As you would expect for a group who have been together for such a long time, many are of an older age, with 42% of this audience aged 65+. This group is also potentially very commercially valuable to marketers, being 34% more likely than the average adult to have a personal income of €70,000 and nearly three and a half times more likely to be ‘Empty Nesters’ (married/living as a couple and do not live with son/daughter), meaning they have no at-home dependants to spend their money on.

Communication the secret to a happy life?

Low technology use and high human interaction are important to this group. Our TGI consumer data shows that they are 38% more likely than the average adult to agree that if they were going to be able to use new technology, someone would have to show them how to use it.

On the other hand, they are 28% more likely to say that they often sit down for a meal together at home and almost a quarter more likely to say human interaction is important to them when shopping. This is perhaps a sign of the importance of frequent face-to-face interaction for long term relationship success. And relationship success seems to make for a happy life generally, as our data reveals that these long-standing couples are 25% more likely to say that they are very happy with their life as it is.

Gardening is a keen interest for this group, with 62% of them agreeing that they get a good deal of pleasure from their garden (45% more likely). They are also 82% more likely to have spent €225 or more on their garden or allotment in the last 12 months.

Newspapers and radio can be key ways to engage

When it comes to the most effective mix of media to engage this audience, our TGI consumer data reveals that they are twice as likely as the average adult to be amongst the heaviest fifth of newspaper readers and 49% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of radio listeners.

This group are not only 38% more likely to claim to read newspapers most days but are loyal to their papers too – 43% of them say they would not change the newspaper they read (35% more likely than the average adult).

When it comes to what specific content on these media channels they most engage with, our TGI consumer data reveals that they are 14% more likely than other heavy newspaper readers to claim to be very interested in reading about travel and holidays in the papers. Furthermore, they are also 57% more likely than the average adult to have spent over €3,750 on holidays in the last 12 months.

When it comes to their favourite radio shows, they are 51% more likely than other heavy radio listeners to say they specifically choose to listen to ‘Today with Sean O’Rourke’.

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