Delving into the divorcees

This week, Irish citizens will vote in a divorce referendum that proposes to dramatically reduce the term required to be separated from a spouse before being able to file for a divorce. To coincide with this, we look at those in the Republic of Ireland who are divorced or separated, who they are and what makes them distinctive as a consumer target.

Our TGI consumer data shows that just under 5% (174,000 people) of the adult population in Republic of Ireland are either divorced or separated, with 12% of these having experienced either in the last 12 months. Only 2% of the population in the Republic of Ireland are divorced, compared to 6% in GB, where the laws are different.

Unsurprisingly, this group are more likely to be at the older end of the age spectrum, being over twice as likely as the average adult to be aged 55-64. For many the circumstances of their divorce or separation are more complicated than affecting just themselves and their partner. 89% of those who are divorced or separated have children, revealing a deeper impact on family life.

Mental health, friendships and money are focus points for this group

Our TGI consumer data shows that those who are divorced or separated are more likely to have a pessimistic outlook on life and rely a lot on friends for support. In the Republic of Ireland, those who are divorced or separated are 41% more likely than the average adult to agree that there is little they can do to change their life and they are also 24% more likely to be suffering from depression.

The impact a divorce or separation has on family life is apparent from the opinions of those divorced or separated as they look to lean on their friends for more support when they can no longer as easily turn to family. This group are 32% more likely to say their friends are more important to them than their family.

Often divorce and separation can by their nature entail financial difficulties impacting on consumer spending. Indeed, this group are 24% more likely than the average adult to say they budget for every penny when doing the household shopping.

Television and Radio are key ways to reach this audience

When it comes to media engagement, our TGI consumer data shows this group are 71% more likely than the average adult to be among the heaviest fifth of television viewers and 29% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of radio listeners.

Looking deeper into what types of TV and radio show divorcees and those separated are especially likely to enjoy, they are more than twice as likely as the average adult to say they usually watch foreign language TV programmes or films when watching live TV and almost three times more likely to usually watch finance/business programmes on demand. This group are also 81% more likely than the average adult to specifically choose to listen to gardening shows on the radio.

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