Discovering the Dry January partakers

January – a time for New Year’s resolutions, usually consisting of new diets, fitness goals and curbing bad habits. One popular tradition is Dry January, where alcohol is given up for the whole month, but how popular is teetotalism generally?

Young adults more likely not to drink

Data from Kantar Media’s latest TGI consumer data for the Republic of Ireland shows that almost a third of adults aged 18 and over (29%, or 1 Million people) have not drunk alcohol in the last 12 months.

Young adults are more likely to say they have not consumed an alcoholic beverage in the last 12 months. 25-34 year olds account for 22% of all non-drinkers, making them a quarter more likely to be in this age bracket than the average Irish adult, however, 18-24 year olds are most likely to avoid booze, with the data showing they are 55% more likely to not drink. This age-related trend is reinforced when looking at consumer lifestages, which reveal that non-drinkers are 40% more likely to be ‘Fledglings’ (aged 15-34, not married or living as couple, no son or daughter, live with parents)

Vegetables and Video games

Alcohol isn’t the only thing that this group doesn’t indulge in. Those who haven’t had an alcoholic drink in the last 12 months are also not big meat eaters, with our TGI consumer data showing that they are 58% more likely than the average adult to be vegetarian and 43% more likely say they prefer to eat vegan food.

Gaming is a keen interest. Non-drinkers are 57% more likely to say that playing video games is their favourite past time. They are also susceptible to particular forms of advertising - they are 40% more likely to agree that celebrities influence their purchasing decisions and 36% more likely to agree that advertising within video or computer gameplay enhances the realism of the game.

Gaming and Cinema are ways to engage this audience

When it comes to the best media channels to engage with this audience, TGI consumer data reveals that they are 36% more likely than the average adult to be amongst the heaviest fifth of gamers and 21% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of cinema goers. They are also 27% more likely to agree that they cannot resist buying magazines.

The gaming choices of this group varies. Our TGI consumer data reveals they are a quarter more likely than other heavy gamers to have played Minecraft and 21% more likely to have played Grand Theft Auto. When it comes to their favourite film types, they are keen on children’s films and romantic/love films, with our data showing they are 31% more likely than the average adult heavy cinema goer to cite the latter as a favourite film type.

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