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As any digital media expert knows, social media is constantly evolving. To have a winning media strategy, it is vital for brands to stay on top of emerging trends and move with their audience. As social media monitoring experts, we spend our day immersed in the social media world, which means we’re on the front-line when it comes to new developments in social media. Watch our video to see our predictions for the key trends that brands should take note of for the near future and join the conversation on #KMNITrends


1. Channel diversity will continue to grow

The days of one social network fitting everyone’s needs are over. Niche networks will continue to grow as users want more of what’s of interest to them and the opportunity to share their similarities and experiences.

2. From FOMO to JOMO to…

JOHO – people aren’t quitting social media, they’re finding the Joy of Hiding Out. While more users move towards platforms where they can limit their online footprint , brands will have to work harder than ever to reach their audience.

3. Unleashing the power of social discovery

Brands will have the opportunity to target their audiences with social discovery apps, predicting what content will be desirable to the user based on social preferences and hyper-local sharing experiences.

4. From Brand content to Content brands

Brands must shift from creating branded content, focused on the company, to content that is intended primarily for serving audiences – while building trust and long-term relationships.

5. Continued rise of visual social media

The future of social is visual. With the rise of Pinterest and Instagram, visual showcases will do more than text-based tweets and posts.

6. Consumers hungry for “snackable content”

The key is all about content that is easy to share. Brands and media will re-package existing content in short nuggets of text photos or videos, that can be quickly consumed, understood and shared.

7. Social Media beyond self-promotion

New ways of doing business through investment models like crowdfunding and rise of niche social networks for entrepreneurs. e.g. Go BIG Network, Confoundr, Perfect Business, Linkedin etc

8. From “free” to a paid social media era

With all of the big-hitters releasing IPOs social, businesses will have to pay for visibility while media brands will need to demonstrate to shareholders the ability to generate recurring and scaleable revenue.

9. Social media is changing customer relations

Brands will need to leverage social media for customer interaction. According to HubSpot data, “50% of consumers expect to get a response in under two hours.”

10. Social Media use within organizations will spread like wildfire

Email traffic should reduce in favour of social media services like Chatter, Jive and Yammer. This breakout will drastically change how businesses communicate

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