How can we measure the success of social in retail?

Hi, I’m David, my key role at Kantar Media is developing “listening” programmes which tap into the rich vein of social media to compliment more traditional “asking” research.

Using our data and experience, we’ve pulled together a guide of how to incorporate social media into your retail strategy. I hope you find this useful and please do contact us if you have any further questions.

Our decision-making processes are now multifaceted, and we are influenced by advertising, PR, word-of-mouth, review sites and social media. With social becoming the online space for us to discuss how and what we buy, it’s no surprise that this significantly influences our purchasing habits.

Social media is empowering us to be more informed and connected.

We ask for the opinions of thousands of other people online in order to make more informed decisions. Not only that, once a purchase has been made, there is now the opportunity for us to share our experiences – both good and bad – using social technologies.

The social media report is available to download for free here:

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