How to be a media relations champion

PR pros know that building relationships and establishing connections with media outlets and journalists has always been a challenging task. However, the advent of new media, the blogosphere and social media make it even more complex. For example, it is a well-known fact that print reporters increasingly rely on social platforms to research or connect with sources so now PR professionals must also handle web influencer relations alongside traditional media connections.

At the same time, in today’s fast-paced, multi-media world, driving media engagement by involving all stakeholders has never been more important. Forging strong links between a brand and the journalists, influencers, bloggers and other opinion formers is vital. Public relations is a subtle process: you can have the right content at the right time, but present it the wrong way or to the wrong media contacts and a whole campaign can fall apart. That’s why media relations should be at the heart of any PR strategy.

The following are some tips for successful media relations in this complex information age.

Infographic on how to be a media relations champion

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