Insight of the Week: Tapping into the adrenaline of the action & adventure movie fans

With new blockbuster movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom now out, the Jurassic Park film franchise continues to rumble on robustly 25 years after the first movie was released.

What each of the films have had in common is their magnificent special effects and dramatic action sequences guaranteed to get the heart racing.

Clearly such films appeal in particular to those whose favourite film type is action & adventure. Looking at latest data from Kantar Media’s Republic of Ireland TGI study of consumer behaviour we can take a closer look at this group and what makes them different to the average cinema goer.

Male with high income and likely to have few family ties

Those who cite action & adventure as their favourite movie type - around 300,000 adults - are 26% more likely than the average cinema goer to be male and 47% more likely to have a family income of £75,000 or more. They are also considerably more likely to be at the youngest end of the age spectrum: 47% more likely to be aged 15-24 and 62% less likely to be aged 65+. Life stage can be more revealing here and indeed they are 42% more likely to be in the TGI Lifestage group ‘Fledglings’ (not married or living as a couple, do not live with son or daughter and live with parents).

Escapist movie types particularly popular

In terms of what other film types these action & adventure fans are likely to see at the cinema, TGI data shows that genres that are particularly escapist come our strongly. They are three quarters more likely than the average cinema goer to watch science fiction films and 37% more likely to watch fantasy films.

Cars and video games keep the adrenaline rush going outside of cinema

When it comes to their attitudes, these action & adventure fans seek out in their general life the adrenaline rush they get in the cinema. This is manifested especially strongly through motoring and video games. When it comes to cars, they are 33% more likely than the average cinema goer to say the like to drive fast and 21% more likely to say it is essential their car looks good.

On the video games front they are 53% more likely to say they play video games to beat other players and 37% more likely to say their favourite pastime is playing video games.

Outdoor media and internet can prove efficient forums for reaching these action & adventure lovers

Naturally, therefore, a trailer for the next big action & adventure film will engage this group, but they are also particularly likely to be heavy consumers of other media. TGI data reveals that they are 58% more likely than other cinema goers to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of outdoor media and 32% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of internet.

Drilling down deeper, the TGI study data reveals they are 71% more likely than the average cinema goer to notice advertising on ticket barriers at train stations and 51% more likely to notice advertising inside DART trains. When it comes to the internet they are 65% more likely to regularly use it to access information on video games and 44% more likely to regularly use it to access information relating to sport.

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