Insight of the Week: The different types of lottery player

Playing the lottery is big business in Ireland. Latest data from Kantar Media’s TGI study of consumer behaviour reveals that 21% of adults (770,000) aged 18+ in the Republic of Ireland have played the Lotto ‘in the past month’, whilst 19% have played Euro Millions and 11% have played the scratch cards – figures broadly similar to Great Britain. But who are these consumers looking for that life-changing big win and how might advertisers better engage them?

Scratch players more likely to be young, Lotto players older

Lotto scratch card players are more likely to be young. They are 22% more likely to be aged 18-24 than the average adult (aged 18+). However, players of Lotto tend towards the older age groups, with TGI data showing they are 21% more likely to be 45-64 years old. Players of Euro Millions show a similar age bias to the Lotto players.

Scratch card players less likely to be see a high income, unlike Euro Millions players

There are also differences when it comes to income and social grade. Players of scratch cards are 24% less likely than the average adult to be in the top, AB, social grades and 33% less likely to have a family income of €75,000 or more. Conversely, players of Euro Millions are 24% more likely than the average adult to have such a high family income.

Scratch card players show greater tendency towards impulsivity and trying new things

Differences continue when it comes to attitudes. Players of scratch cards are particularly likely to try new things and enter competitions. TGI data reveals they are 47% more likely to say they often go in for competitions in newspapers and magazines and 33% more likely to say they often enter competitions featured on packets of labels. They are also 31% more likely to claim to like new drinks and 38% more likely to say that when they see a new brand they often buy it to see what it’s like.

Players of Lotto and Euro Millions are also particularly likely to enter competitions, but the impulse to try new things is markedly less pronounced.

A different media mix required for different types of player

The most efficient media to reach these different types of lottery players will also vary. Scratch card players are particularly likely to be amongst the top fifth of consumers of magazines (61% more likely). Players of Lotto, however, are 52% more likely than the average adult to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of newspapers – a medium that scratch card players are not significantly more likely to heavily consume.

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