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The work of our Insight team is used regularly by the media and at leadership conferences on topics such as crisis communications, reputation and social media. In 2015 our work was recognised by the International Association of the Measurement of Evaluation and Communication with an AMEC Gold Award.

Contact our Head of Insight, Doreen Markwell, to hear more about our work and to discuss how we can provide the media insight you need.

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This media insight report tracks all mentions of US presidential candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders within the Irish media. Our Insight team analysed content across Press, Broadcast and Online for the period of the 5th to the 17th May 2016. The report includes a total of 1,342 media items.

All Press coverage was qualitatively analysed with every article assigned a rating based on Impact (Prime, Significant, Passing) and Influence (Positive, Negative, Neutral) attributing a PR value to Press coverage.

Broadcast and Online coverage have been presented quantitatively with Volume, Duration/Word Count and AVE Values provided.

Click here to download our sample US Election Powerpoint report in full.


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