Using media monitoring and analysis in every department

Both the media landscape and media monitoring have changed significantly in recent years. As the foundation of a business’ reputation, and the first point of contact for many potential customers, traditionally the use of media monitoring information would have been exclusively associated with the PR department. Now multiple departments are using media channels as instruments for communication and there is now more information available than ever for companies to monitor.

This represents an incredible opportunity for many organisations. which can apply media monitoring data in different ways to improve their performance. For example, they can identify the potential scope of an issue very quickly and possibly contain it; understand the value of their efforts in PR, digital marketing, or content marketing more easily; identify cultural nuances across markets or benchmark against competitors.

Our infographic explores how teams all over the company can benefit from media intelligence data. : media monitoring and analysis can make a difference in every department, not only communications but sales, data, competitive intelligence and customer service departments…!

Infographic showing using media monitoring and analysis in every department

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