Automotive: Car Purchase Intention

Some of the BRICS rival the West for adults looking to buy a new car soon

Car purchase intention is of course of huge interest to advertisers in the automotive industry because vehicles represent such a big-ticket purchase. Thus, knowing who is seeking to buy a car soon and how much they are willing to spend can give manufacturers and their agencies a huge advantage and make their marketing activity far more efficient and compelling.

There are some stark differences between the major western countries in terms of adults (aged 18+) looking to buy a new car. 33% of those in France are seeking to buy a new one in the next two years, the same proportion as in Australia. Then for Britain the figure is 32%, 29% in the US, 21% in Germany and just 16% in Spain.

However, few of these markets have as high a proportion intending to buy a car as China, where 33% of adults intend to do so. Similarly, in South Africa, 31% of adults are looking to buy a new car in the future. Meanwhile in Russia, 14% of adults are currently at some point in the process of choosing a new car. In India, the figure is rather lower, with 4% of adults intending to buy a new car in the coming year (although the vast majority of these intend to buy it new, not secondhand). 

These figures show the enormous potential of marketing car brands in the BRICS as they begin to rival the most established western markets for purchase intention.

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