Announcing the programmatic reach newsletter

We’re excited to announce Kantar Media’s newest effort to bring transparency and liquidity to programmatic digital advertising: the Programmatic Reach email newsletter. Sign up here)

Programmatic Reach is sent bi-weekly to over 8,000 agency and brand marketers. Each issue focuses on either a demographic audience, like Millennials, or a seasonal event, allowing media planners and buyers to reach a particular audience programmatically. For example, the issue released on April 22 focused on exchange inventory that reaches people making Mother’s Day purchases, and featured 8 live programmatic publisher deals currently available to purchase. 

Perhaps you've been receiving the beta versions of this newsletter for a while now. We've heard some great feedback, and planners have acted through direct links to inventory available through exchange partners including Rubicon Project, iSocket, PubMatic, BuySellAds, ShinyAds, Centro Brand Exchange, Adslot and bRealTime.

We’re witnessing a renaissance of email newsletters, and it’s a model that has been effective in the past for connecting buyers with relevant promotional opportunities. For example, the Today’s New Lists email that’s been sent by SRDS to direct marketers for years. It’s exciting to find new ways to bring value to the digital ad ecosystem.

Of course, this newsletter is built and curated from the complete digital media discovery platform, which currently features over 7,000 pieces of inventory available programmatically from more than 1,000 publishers. We hope this newest contribution will continue to increase programmatic market liquidity and encourage price transparency for buyers and contribute to higher clearing prices for sellers.

Future topics will focus on an array of target audiences and topics including: “Summer Vacations,” “African-Americans,” “Back-to-School Shoppers,” and “Pet Owners.”

Do you need to sign up? Click here