Audience Measurement and Planning Analytics: Quick access to audience data

Planners and buyers need to stay up with new media and emerging trends. It is critical to quickly and easily analyse audience viewing data, locally and globally.

We make it easy for them to draw the insights they need, using our comprehensive audience measurement. 

Our dedicated audience planning and analytics software unit leads on this.  The team connects data scientists and statisticians with software developers to tackle the ever-increasing challenges of data reporting. 

These challenges include the need to focus on reaching and targeting the right people, forecasting, and accessing data in real time.

Analysis and planning tools

Our analysis and planning software tools enable media owners and media agencies to access, view and evaluate the data to make business decisions based on their data.  The tools analyse audience behaviour locally and globally, by media channel (whether TV, radio, mobile, online or social), and by programme.

Instar Analytics gives planners and buyers a complete understanding of who their audiences are.  It also shows what impact their content is having across the full range of different platforms.

Instar Planning enables media agencies and brand owners to optimise their media planning.  They can simulate campaigns to forecast their impact and estimate which audiences a given schedule will reach.

Instar Social enables media owners and brand owners to understand how their content is driving activity on Twitter.  It gives access to insights on social conversations about a programme. This includes the emotion and sentiment behind Tweets and the Tweeter affinity between programmes and brand.

We make it easy for media owners, media agencies and brand owners to draw the insights they need from the most comprehensive audience measurement and social TV data

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