TGI Consumer Analysis: Easy to use interfaces

TGI Consumer Data contains vast amounts of information, so it is critical that the database is easy for media owners, media agencies and brand owners to access.  We have developed a suite of fast and flexible analysis tools.

These can manipulate the vast volumes of data speedily and easily. They make the TGI Consumer Data available anywhere and anytime. 

TGI Consumer Analysis tools have been designed to meet different needs at different levels.  Whether that’s for audience profiling, media planning or advanced customer segmentation, we’ve got it covered.

But simply analysing the data is not enough.  They also make it more accessible, with easy-to-use interfaces with data visualisation being a priority.


Choices is available as desktop software or as a web-based tool, so it can be accessed anywhere.  Its powerful engine supports basic crosstabs through to more complex statistical analysis. It gives users the freedom to define their analysis and compare different combinations of metrics to get the answers they need.


Snapshot is also a web-based tool, so is accessible anywhere on computer or tablet.  It is particularly well suited to deliver quick audience profiling insights with data visualisation features.

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