Analysis: Improving Effectiveness and Demonstrating Return

Our measurement and evaluation service assesses the impact of communication campaigns and benchmarks them against competitors.

We analyse press, broadcast, online and social media to assess the impact of media relations activity.  This can be for consumer and corporate communications, issue management, crisis and reputation management. 

Understanding media coverage

With this, clients can track their media profile.  They can understand what drives their media coverage and influences their reputation.  They can see where they fit in relation to their peers and the wider media landscape

We do this on an ongoing basis, for regular activities like financial calendar work, or one-off events like a product launch, crisis or a specific announcement. 

Measuring impact and sentiment

Our experts will first consult with clients to identify which key performance indicators are most important.  We will then review each piece of coverage, assess the messages and sentiment, impact and return on investment against those agreed criteria. 

Our methodology combines human interaction and automation, and we feed the insights back in simple and intuitive graphs and reports.

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