Ad verification for clear, accurate and timely information

We confirm that advertisers’ display campaigns have run as they should and that they have been seen in the right media environment.  This makes it easier to assess the true RoI.

Ad verification gives our clients a clearer understanding of the performance of their display advertising campaigns.  It can confirm whether a specific creative was visible on-screen, whether it appeared on the correct site and whether online inventory has run.   

More accurate RoI

The true picture of activity means clients can more accurately assess the return on their investment and get a much deeper understanding of how their campaigns are performing.  In particular, knowing when their ads have actually been visible on the screen ensures they are using real data.

Brand safety

Our additional Brand Safety service helps clients keep track of the environment their ads are appearing in online.  It helps ensure they are seen in the right publications in the right context for the brand, and can automatically blacklist inappropriate sites.  In turn, this helps clients get more from real time bidding.

Our services enable:

  • brands and advertisers to understand which advertising is working best
  • media agencies to optimise their media buying plans for their clients
  • media owners to guarantee both the visibility and context for their clients, and to re-evaluate what they charge for strong inventory

This is all underpinned with clear and straightforward reporting and a dedicated customisable interface so clients can genuinely act on the information they receive.

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