Analysis and planning software: understanding data

We make it easy for media owners, planners, and buyers to draw the insights they need from the most comprehensive audience measurement and Social TV data.

Our analysis and planning software tools enable clients to turn data into actionable insights. That might be to get a deeper understanding of TV audiences or to understand the social media engagement of a programme.

Our Instar software illuminates audience behaviour so broadcasters, advertisers and agencies can make the best use of their audience planning and analysis data.

Instar Analytics

Instar Analytics enables broadcasters, brands and media buyers to gain a complete understanding of who their audiences are and what impact their content is having across the full range of different broadcast platforms. 

They can get a clear analysis of TV and video ratings and other media data on the move through the mobile app, using our API to plug into their own software, or in a deep-dive using our advanced desktop application. This software is used in nearly 40 countries, by more than 9000 people. 

Instar Planning

Instar Planning enables media planners and advertisers to simulate ‘trial runs’ of their campaigns to experiment with how they might play out, giving an easy overview of which consumers a given schedule will reach. Instar Planning is used by used in markets across all seven continents.

Instar Social

Instar Social enables advertisers and broadcasters to understand how their content is driving activity on Twitter. They can draw unparalleled insights into online conversations about a programme, including the underlying emotions behind Tweets and Tweeter affinity between programmes and brands.

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