Cross media: measuring TV and online audiences together

As media consumption changes and advertisers increasingly run integrated campaigns across different platforms and devices, it’s become more important to measure accurately and consistently across different media.

We've developed unified measurement approaches across different media channels. These include:

The advantage of these cross media measurement techniques is that they give a total view of the audience and their media consumption habits.

Cross-media measurement

Cross-media measurement has long been the holy grail of media research. We formed a strategic alliance with comScore to address this industry need.


To deliver a complete unduplicated view of online and TV consumption, we’ve combined gold-standard TV measurement with online multi-platform measurement. Cross-media measurement covers video or text content, whether accessed on a browser, app, smart phone, tablet, computer or over the top device or TV set. The combined data can be accessed and analysed through our Instar Analytics platform.

This hybrid system is already live in the Netherlands where a complete picture of audience viewing is being delivered, as well as in development in Spain and being piloted in the Czech Republic.

Understanding audiences, without duplication

With this technology, broadcasters and pay TV operators can:

  • Understand the total number of people consuming content over TV and online platforms
  • Prove the value of engaged multi-platform audiences and show where they are spending their time
  • Sell targeted and customised media packages, across all platforms and demographics, in line with the integrated campaigns advertisers are increasingly running.

Agencies and advertisers can:

  • Plan traditional TV and digital campaigns in a single tool without duplicating the audience it will reach
  • Measure unduplicated brand exposure and frequency across all platforms for a single campaign
  • Determine the best split between TV and other media to reach the audience effectively
  • Optimise media investment by finding smarter and more cost-effective ways to reach audiences
  • Understand the true cross media value of advertising investments.

Publishers and digital content owners can:

  • Competitively package and position online audiences using TV-comparable metrics. 
  • Discover partnership opportunities to sell packages which complement advertisers’ TV purchasing with online video, mobile or display inventory   

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